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Tarps are widely used for temporary protection. Choosing an SBS base type shingle that provides impact resistant would be recommended if you’re in a high storm-related area.

This was more common before the 2000’s but not so much anymore. Architectural shingles are more rigid and thicker making a roof over not so appealing. Also, it’s important to make sure the decking is in good condition, and proper ventilation is provided. Manufacturers also diminish their warranties for 2nd layers. Any professional contractor would advise against this.

Usually made of aluminum or galvanized metal, that is used over joints or penetrations on roof and wall construction to prevent water infiltration and causing damage.

Missing Shingles, Large Granule Loss, Splits, and Cracks In Shingles.

There are many styles and grades of shingles accompanied by warranties. Most colors and styles are very similar from all manufacturers. It comes down to contractor selection, finding a professional that understands the importance of proper installation and warranties will give you the quality you’re looking for. Things to consider is the duration you plan on living in your home as well. Most, if all shingles should last for 20-25 years depending on location.

Your roof will show the following signs

Shingles curling

Granule loss or granule pile at the end of a downspout

Have had more than one roof repair in the last two years

Roof is more than 15 years old

Shingles are coming loose and missing

Shingles come loose from wind

Your average size house should take one full working day. There are many variables to take into considerations as well: weather, roof steepness, how many layers of roofs are there? Are there more than one chimney or skylight?, How high is the roof?

Depending on the prior installation of the roof a typical roof should be “watertight” 25-30 years. That being said the color and aesthetics will not look appealing. Also, flashings and caulking will start to fail before then requiring repairs.

In most cases no, you may need some minor repairs. If your roof continues to leak one or twice a year in different spots that most likely you need to replace your roof. Hiring a reputable quality contractor will give you expert advice on what is most appropriate at the time.

Yes, but highly not recommended.

Yes, a professional will adjust nail guns to lessen the pressure, so we do not burst through the shingles. Also, installing an SBS shingle will provide a better winter grade application.

There is no difference, they are all the same meaning. Proper industry name would just be a skylight.

The short answer? It depends. It’s a good idea to schedule a roof inspection at your home to make sure you don’t miss any telltale signs that your roofing problem could lead to major damage. Click here to read more.

Absolutely! At Krumwiede, we offer easy financing for your home’s roof replacement, including no interest and no payment for 12 months and low payments after that. Click here to learn more.

The answer largely depends on the level of care and maintenance the roof has received over the years in addition to the roofing materials used. Click here to see how your roof stacks up.

Roofing materials vary widely, and each offer different benefits your home can take advantage of. Click here to read up on their differences.

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